Classic Mix Length Lash Extensions

Classic Mix Length Lash Extensions


16 rows of professionally hand made lash extensions from the softest faux mink fibers and have a rich deep black colour to give the ultimate dramatic look your clients will love.

LunaKai Lash extensions are so soft your going to be obsessed!

Lashes come in an Eco-Friendly case because we care about our environment.

Be Mermaizing and remove your lash case magnets to recycle.



C, D, CC Curl

Mixed rows length 7mm - 15mm

Diameters 0.15 and 0.18

Multi-Length trays include, one strip of 7mm, one strip of 8mm, one strip of 9mm, two strips of 10mm, three strips of 11mm, three strips of 12mm, two strips of 13mm, two strips of 14mm and one strip of 15mm.