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Half Frame Unit Mag Glasses

Half Frame Unit Mag Glasses


Made in the USA, these half frame magnifying glasses are perfect to see those little baby lashes, blonde lashes or clogged pores.  These are my all time favorite because they don't fog up while wearing a mask.  Easily flip up or down when needed, these are a lash artist dream glasses. Comes in 4 magnifications.

SPECIFICATIONS for focal range and power:

Model #43     Focal Range: 13-1/3 Inches  /  Power:  1-3/4X

Model #44     Focal Range:  10 Inches   /   Power:  2X

Model #45     Focal Range:  8 Inches   /   Power:  2-1/4X

Model #46     Focal Range:  6-2/3 Inches   /   Power:  2-1/2X


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