I#1 LunaKai Lash Isolation Tweezer

I#1 LunaKai Lash Isolation Tweezer


LunaKai Lash Tweezer Collection features everything your favorite tweezer needs. From the most precise grip to the precision sharp tips for perfect isolation, these tweezers are made with specially crafted metal that focuses on form and function to bring your lash dreams to life.


The reliability and consistency of LunaKai Lash Tweezers helps your lash day stay on point from the day they are created to today, tomorrow, and throughout your lashing future. 

All of our tweezers have the perfect grip whether it be at tip, the middle, or both, you can fan using any technique - from fanning off the strip, to pinching or fanning in your adhesive bubble. 

Our masterfully crafted tweezer collection makes your daily lash life better in every way, from a beginning lash tech to the master of your lash trade, this tweezer will be with you along any journey.


From our C#2 small curve tweezer, great for Classic lashing and intro to volume lashing, to our MV#1 mega volume tweezer for easy and skill at mega fanning, LunaKai Lash has you covered from A-Z.  Bonus: All tweezers come in an Eco-Friendly 100% Wool case. Because we care about your skill and keeping our Oceans free of plastic waste.

At LunaKai Lash we are very concious of our carbon footprint while still providing you with proffessional products. To offset our carbon footprint, we love to volunteer in our community and participate once a month in a community clean up.  Also, all profits from our LunaKai Lash Pallet goes to Ocean Coral Restoration. We believe in Keeping Our Earth Green and Our Oceans Clean.