Silicone Bamboo Mascara Wands

Silicone Bamboo Mascara Wands


Silicone mascara wands, can be used over and over if properly sanitized. Our bamboo wands are designed to keep your lash room as eco-friendly as possible. Wand handle is 100% bamboo and biodegradable, as well as eco friendly packaging.

Be Mermaizing and protect our oceans.


At LunaKai Lash we are very concious of our carbon footprint while still providing you with proffessional products. To offset our carbon footprint, we love to volunteer in our community and participate once a month in a community clean up.  Also, all profits from our LunaKai Lash Pallet goes to Ocean Coral Restoration. We believe in Keeping Our Earth Green and Our Oceans Clean.