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The Industry's first Eco-Friendly, High-Quality Lash Extension Company with Eco-Friendly, Cruelty-Free, and Biodegradable Packaging.  Our focus is protecting our mother earth and oceans while empowering women everywhere. 
When you shop with LunaKai, you are supporting a company that cares about our environment. Together we can work to save our oceans from single-use plastics and preserve our wonderful planet for future generations.

Shop Our Eco-Friendly Lash Supplies

LunaKai Lash Extensions

Highest quality material lash extensions with eco-friendly packaging.

LunaKai Lash Tweezer Collection

The tweezer collection everyone is talking about!


Create less plastic waste in your lash room with our Bamboo wands and brushes.


Three dry times, clean ingredients, amazing retention.


Bring the beach to your lash room with our LunaKai Lash Custom Lash Pallet. ~ All profit goes to Coral Adoption.

LunaKai Lash N95 filter mask

Protect your lungs from the fumes of the adhesive with our N95 filter mask.

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