Be Mermaizing ~ Make Waves

Luxury Eyelash Extensions and Supplies for Professionals

The Industry's  first Eco Friendly, High Quality   Lash Extension Company with Eco-Friendly, Cruelty Free and Biodegradable Packaging.  Our focus is protecting  our mother earth and oceans while empowering women everywhere. 


Little by little we can make a positive change for our future.

Leading the Beauty & Lash Industry in protecting our Oceans. .

Our Mission

Plastic pollution has led LunaKai Lash to Create Less Waste and create Eco-Friendly options to all Lash Artists so we can come together and make a positive change with each client for our Oceans.  The more we support each other, and influence each other to make small positive changes everyday, the more impact we will have in this industry. 


LunaKai Lash continues to support non-profit organizations such as Coral Guardians, Adopt-a-Coral and the Ocean Foundation by donating all sales of our Custom Lash Pallets go to the research of Coral and Coral restoration.  In October 2020, Owner, Andra Tashjian, was a winner in The International Skin Games for her compassion as a leader in the beauty industry for her constant efforts to protect our Oceans.  She won a gift of $3000 to be awarded to her favorite non profit organization, The Ocean Foundation.  It is her goal to stay as green as we can while still offering amazing  lash extensions & supplies for professionals. 




​We believe in the good of humanity and know in our hearts that with the support of each other we will create a better World for our future generations.  I cheer for and encourage my fellow professional to follow in our less plastic movement and learn from each other. Our world needs it.