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LunaKai Lash is proud to donate 1% of all sales to Coral Restoration through The Coral Gardeners and the #wethereef foundation.

LunaKai Lash was born from the love and passion for our Oceans. It is LunaKai's goal as a company to think outside the box to lead the lash industry to create less single-use plastic waste.  Luna means 'Moon' and Kai means "Sea" and without these two powerful properties, life on Earth would cease to exist. 

LunaKai was born from love, passion, and years of not only perfecting our las
h extension supplies but finding partners who share the same goals.

Like the Moon is to the sea, LunaKai humbly, faithfully, and reliably creates the space to embrace the connection we can all have and the power that it holds for all of us. Our underlying goal at LunaKai is to not just clean up the waste we create, but help reduce that waste to begin with and pave the way to a positive change for humanity and our oceans.

This belief doesn't just apply to our line of eco-friendly lash extension supplies and biodegradable packaging, but also how we operate outside of our business.  LunaKai is proud to donate our time outside of creating our lash extension supplies to working with organizations like the Ocean Foundation, Coral Gardeners and Get Outdoors Nevada, where we get the opportunity to cleanup our Las Vegas home.
Join us and share LunaKai's story and mission with others. We are the generation of change.

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Andra Tashjian, Owner/Founder

Thank you for reading and supporting LunaKai Lash! Here are some of the headlines we have made along this amazing journey...

Featured in Lash Inc.


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