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What are lash artists saying about LunaKai Lash Tweezers?

"V#1 tweezers are my new fave!" & "couldn't lash so effortlessly without your tweezers!"

"Amazing lash products, currently obsessing over their volume tweezers!!"

"Love love everything is eco friendly"

"Try out the MV#2 tweezers! I'm in love!" & "Seriously the best tweezers I've used" & "These tweezers really helped cut down
my time by so much!"


The reliability and consistency of LunaKai Lash Tweezers helps your lash career stay on point from the day they are created to today, tomorrow, and throughout your lashing future. 

All of our tweezers have the perfect grip whether it be at tip, the middle, or both, you can fan using any technique - from fanning off the strip, to pinching or fanning in your adhesive bubble.

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